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a heart shaped hanging decoration with rabbits and carrots
30+ pretty Easy Easter DIY crafts for kids to make
a wreath with an easter bunny in the center and flowers around it, hanging on a door
a yellow stuffed animal with purple flowers on it's head hanging from the wall
a purple stuffed animal with white polka dots and a flower on it's head
a pink stuffed animal with a bow on it's head and a white ball in its mouth
Coniglietto pasquale
a wall hanging made out of branches with flowers and leaves on it's sides
15 lavoretti di primavera creativi fai da te: lasciatevi ispirare
an easter bunny decoration hanging on a door with purple, orange and white felt flowers
a straw hat shaped like a bunny with blue flowers on it's head and ears
a wooden sign that says easter with lights around it and an animal figurine