Graphic design inspiration

I like the muted, grayscale photo with the gradient color as background for text. Graphic design inspiration, From up North

Social Media vs. Traditional

Marketing 101 - Social Media vs Traditional Media [INFOGRAPHIC]: How does social media compare to traditional marketing?

adv / Lego

Drowned car, Iwo Jima chess pieces, and Lego minifig shadow by Ivan Puig . *Previously: Underwater circus . * Buy Lego minifigs at eBa.

Ghosts of Technology  Submitted by mamihlapinatapai-s

physical objects interacting with type & graphic design. 'Ghosts of Technology'

Simon C Page

International Year of Chemistry-Graphic designer and illustrator Simon C. Page produced a series of beautiful posters inspired by chemists and their contributions to humankind - I feel like my hours spent on chemistry require me to like this.

cristiana couceiro

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