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Who wouldn't want a chocolate-powered car? Lola is the world's 1st racing car powered by chocolate derivatives:

The 6 Weirdest Alternative Fuel Sources-coffee, beer, chocolate, hemp, poop.anything w/fat in it can be turned into diesel!

UK’s complex geology will pose #fracking challenges, developers warned:

New underground maps show shale gas deposits overlapping with major drinking water aquifers

Something for curious minds: What's the environmental impact of all those World Cup flags?:

A little bit of added wind resistance adds up to a lot of fuel waste and carbon emissions.

Worldwide #SolarPower capacity is 53X higher than 9 years ago! #WindPower 6.6X higher!:

Anti-greens often try to make economic arguments against the big spring-cleaning that our civilization is going through.

UK government gives green light to offshore #windfarm:

warns planned green energy subsidies may not be value for money, as more cost effective options may be overlooked

Massachusetts to open area the size of Rhode Island to offshore #WindPower:

Massachusetts to open area the size of Rhode Island to offshore wind power

SolarCity acquires solar manufacturer Silevo for $200 million, plans multiple #solar 'Gigafactories':

It looks like the solar installer wants to become more vertically integrated, hoping that it'll allow it to dramatically reduce the cost of solar power.

World not moving fast enough on #RenewableEnergy, says IEA

Climate doomsday scenarios have flourished since the election. But cities and states are already moving to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

#SolarEnegy panels are getting more & more popular, but not every house meets the criteria required to really benefit from them

LA Solar Group is one of the fastest growing solar panel installation companies in the nation based in Los Angeles. Providing renewable energy solutions best variety of cutting-edge solar equipment.