Sweater angel

oh so pretty tilda doll. i LOVE her dainty sweater and chocolatey bear, too! Loose the wings!

I'd love to see one for you and one for me, Cathy!  : )  We'd each have a pair and never be apart!!!!

Fabric doll cute stuffed doll in pale blue pink rose blonde,cloth doll rag doll - cute stuffed doll gift for girls

Great Tutorials on hair styling. As of 9/15/13 this is the link to a flicker tut for doll hair. Good pics and easy instructions

DIY pipe-cleaner hair bun (okay, this is a Blythe, but its a useable idea, maybe?) - My DIY Tips

v natural šatičkách...<3 Deniz <3

For Becky Thinking of making cute little outfits to dress up a doll I make, a current doll or my bear.

Тильда Морской ангел мастер-класс - Форум

Тильда Морской ангел мастер-класс - Форум