Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” -Mark 5:36

Discover how God provides through inspirational Bible verses, meaningful quotes, inspirational words, and Christian articles.

He will forever love you, even when you don't live yourself❤️

God loves EVERYONE.Jesus and God love you.God gave His only son, Jesus, for unworthy me & for u.Jesus died for ALL our sins.u r loved.

Thanks for everything God

Lord, please let me not let a day go by without giving You Thanks and Praise! Everything I am is because of your Grace and Mercy! Thank you Lord!


I am a God.I am Me.I am the master of my own universe.I am the writer of my own book.I am the teller of the stories.I am the earths beating drum.I am Me

7 rzeczy do zapamiętania w 2015 roku - Catherine The Owner - Blog o przedsiębiorczym stylu życia

7 rzeczy do zapamiętania w 2015 roku


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