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an intricate drawing on paper with numbers and birds in the middle, as well as arrows
ДаМа_ОкЛиана - Дневник ДаМа_ОкЛиана
a close up of a doily on a table cloth with black and white designs
ДаМа_ОкЛиана - Дневник ДаМа_ОкЛиана
an image of a circular design with lines
white crocheted lace on a tablecloth with an openwork design in the center
an embroidery pattern with the letters and numbers in different colors
Узор Сеточка с шестеренками
two pictures with different designs on them, one is white and the other is black
Jogo Americano de Crochê com Gráfico ⋆ De Frente Para O Mar
the crochet pattern is shown in three different colors
a yellow crocheted doily on a bed next to a sewing needle and thread
a white crocheted doily sitting on top of a wooden floor