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Woman walking with glass of wine.

for centuries, wine has been present around erotic moments. here are some modern pictures depicting this relationship, either in glasses, bottles, grapes or any other sort that evokes the most erotic human drink

Wine silhouette

Wine has been related to sensuality even in ancient times. Every clichéd romantic scenario involves Wine in some way. As Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger said, “we will always have time to make love and drink Champagne”.

A cork bath? ... A little eccentric but, wine not?

More than just wine: The champagne bath: ridiculous, shameful or just decadent?

Woman hiding a glass of wine behind her back.

It's finally time for the best tasteful moments going for the NSFW side. All moments fulfilled with her favorite flavors coming from so delicious sources: a hot cup of coffee, a cocktail drink,.