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Teach Kids to Sew a Line by Hand

Learning to sew is an important practical life skill. Teach kids to sew a line by hand using burlap and yarn for a simple beginning lesson in embroidery. Teaching kids to sew a running stitch is an easy homeschool learning project for preschoolers, elemen

Straw weaving. This is fun. I did this with all my fifth grade classes this past…

Run five line of yarn through the straws, tie off one end. Tape straws together near the top. Then weave yarn in and out through the straw making a scarf that is woven. More straws make bigger things.

Loved the pic - and then recognized that it's a Waldorf school. Pic leads to a…

Waldorf schools teach knitting, as it helps develop fine motor coordination and basic counting and pattern work and allows them to create something useful that they can take pride in.

Oak Meadow Math Gnomes come with their own wee storybook of adventures!

Oak Meadow's math gnomes provide a whimsical way to help children conceptualize the four processes in mathematics (addition,…