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Pope John Paul II

JP II the saint pope i met up close and touched and died on my birthdate (prior pinners words)


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Zobacz zdjęcie uwielbiam te słowa w pełnej rozdzielczości

Zobacz zdjęcie uwielbiam te słowa w pełnej rozdzielczości

Juan pablo II :)

Pope John Paul II looks at a white dove freed at the end of the Angelus prayer in St Peter's Square, Vatican, 30 January 2005

MIEĆ jest tylko o tyle istotne... #Jan-Paweł-II, #Wojtyła-Karol,  #Człowiek…

MIEĆ jest tylko o tyle istotne.

Pope John Paul II

2005 was ten years ago. I was pretty sick. During Saint John Paul II's final illness, I was especially sick.

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Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II - an amazing, charismatic man who modernized the Catholic Church in many ways.

Pope John Paul II | Blessed Pope John Paul II

Of Popes and Terrorists

Pope John Paul, the popular Polish pontiff who led the Roman Catholic church for more than a quarter century, was placed on the fast-track for sainthood Tuesday by the cardinals and bishops on the Church’s canonization committee.

Blessed Pope John Paul II

Saint Pope John Paul II during the latter years of his life suffered from Parkinson's yet remained such an inspiration in the suffering he endured.

Jan Paweł II . cytat. Motywacja . Własne Słabości.

Wstań, nie skupiaj się na swoich słabościach i wątpliwościach, żyj .