Isaiah 55

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HERBAL MEDICINAL: Juniper.  Know Your Herbs and Spices:  Juniper Berries + Bidens for UTIs

Juniper Berries Know Your Herbs and Spices

If you ever had a Martini or Gin and Tonic then you've drank juniper berries from this shrub of the conifer family. These berries are the flavoring in gin.

Hand drawn thorns. Very life-like. The quality of the shading makes them appear 3D so every thorn looks harmful and intimidating. You can feel the pain through this drawing as thorns are related to Jesus' crown of thorns, and it conjures up images of torture and blood shed. I can imagine thorns building up around someone in my animation, trapping them within themselves, their own demon. Acting as a barrier between them and the outside world. Much as an addict would feel inside their head.

Thorn bush

Well here it is 40 hours and done. I really enjoyed doing such a large format, even in charcoal! After 30 hours - and still going................. This is my most recent work, a 2 meter by 1,5 meter charcoal drawing. It is no where near finished even with the 20 hours already spent on it. Same again to finished stage I would guess. A close up of one corner.

Juniper     Among the most versatile of evergreens, junipers range from ground-hugging creepers to mounded shrubs and upright trees. All respond well to pruning, making them useful hedges.  Name: Juniperus selections  Zones: 3 - 9

19 of the Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Creating Easy-Care Hedges

Block wind, buffer noise, or create more private outdoor living spaces with a row of these easy-going shrubs. They offer a range of textures, loose or dense growth, evergreen or deciduous, and a few even have showy blooms or berries, but all will grow into a beautiful hedge without requiring a lot of care from you.

MYRTLE:  1) Use instead of mulch under trees and shrubs to control weeds, or plant it in difficult-to-mow areas 2) Bright-green leaves darken with the season 3) Lavender-blue or white flowers appear in the spring and sporadically all season 4) Use as a spreading ground cover

Landscaping with Myrtle: The Sorcerer's Violet

Landscape with myrtle, also known as vinca or periwinkle. See how to plant this ground cover from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Isaiah 55:12 Lilies and Pansies | Fantasy Coloring Pages

Isaiah 55:12 Lilies and Pansies | Fantasy Coloring Pages

Isaiah 55:6 - Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

Typographic Verses

Isaiah 55:6 - Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Designed by Daniel Golden (@dangolden1).

Isaiah 55:12 -- by

Isaiah 55:12 scripture doodling, and a free printable!

I’ve been doing some scripture doodling and with Isaiah 55:12, the MOPS theme verse for the coming year. I love scripture doodling as a memorization tool! Here’s one of my doodles: &n…

DIY Printable Digital Scripture Art Print // by designloveshare

Joyful Scripture Printable Digital Art Print Instant Download // Isaiah 55:12 You will go out in Joy

This is great inspiration for your day. Hang it up at the office or in your house. A Good way to keep the Lord's word visible and potent. Also makes a wonderful gift. Send it to a friend who needs the Lord's encouragement. Print them for your Sunday School class, or as a gift for a friend. Customize it to commemorate a special event or milestone. Print shown as an 8x10 matted in a 11x14 frame. This file is available for instant download and is formatted for an 8x10. • Option A: As pictured…

Isaiah 55:9, illustration of stars far above the earth with verse in between

Isaiah 55:9

Things this verse brings out in me in order of appearance: 1. a sense that I need to shut up. 2. the same feeling of excitement and frustration I had when I watched Lost. 3. humility 4. gratefulnes...

ISAIAH 55 11 - bible verse for this morning's study.

3 Things My 11-year-old Has Taught Me About Commitment

Most days, I spend my days teaching my kids. I gently correct. I explain things. I give advice. But in this process of teaching my kids, I often find that I learn as much as they do. The other day, my older daughter taught me a lesson about commitment. Two weeks ago, she came home from her youth