Patterns - Summer

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an abstract floral pattern with pink and green flowers
Arte Corrida
a blue background with pink and white seashells
🌊 A pearly pattern for your feed! 🌊 I had so much fun creating a pattern from my recent pearl illustration and wanted to share it in all its glory! Where could you see this pattern? I think it'd look cool as a beach bag or on a summer dress, what do you think? Tell me in the comments. #pearlbag #pearlbag #beachfashion #beachbags #patterndesignersclub #patterndesigners
an image of crabs and crabs in pink, orange, and red on a white background
a pink background with red and white roosters on it
Little crustaceans
a colorful palm tree pattern on a white background
pink and blue feathers on a white background with the words pippa shaw written below
an abstract blue and white background with many different types of planes on it's surface
Shark wallpaper 🦈
an abstract floral pattern in blue, orange and yellow
an orange background with sail boats on it
Sail Away in Apricot Crush - Ahlberg Design - Surtex 2023
"Sail Away" is inspired by nautical life and sailboats. My contemporary designs are based on hand-drawn artwork. Available for purchace throughout the show at PatternfieldApp. #trends #surtex2023 #wsgn2024 #colortrend #moodboards #trends2024 #printandpattern #patterntrends2024 #patternfield #surtex #arttradeshow #artbuyout #artpurchase
two different patterns with blue and beige corals
tessellating coral in blue pattern
This cute coral is from my coastal cool collection by surface pattern designer Ashleigh Fish. Now available for art licensing - click through to view the full collection