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Orchid Tattoo on Shoulder by tk_n_tattoo
Online boutique | Byron Bay, AustraliaP: +61 401 961 849E: mel@thejoystores.com SHOP:...
Shoulder tattoo!                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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Shoulder tattoo!
Found another fine strappy thing to add to my wardrobe via @designer.wardrobe | link in bio to shop
full pic of joy hysteric shoulder tattoo | Pin by Paola Vargas on Ink for my body | Pinterest
So I’m finally clearing out my wardrobe and have created a sale page @mel_joyhysteric_wardrobe with items like this #JoshGoot bustier that’s up for grabs. Heaps more to post so check it out and perhaps turn on notifications if you want first dibs on...