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Edyta Wąchała
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Cat shaped school in Germany by artist Tomi Ungerer - SO COOL!

The coolest kindergarten ever! This cat shaped kindergarten is located in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Why couldn't my childhood include a cat shaped kindergarten? This is so cool :)

Looks like a French Fries building to me #Advertisement #architecture #BUildings

"French fries building" - Victor Enrich is a Spanish photographer who rips all the science from architecture to create surreal and whimsical variations on existing buildings (her the Orchid Hotel of Tel Aviv)

Aeroplane house

Airplane house (Abuja, Nigeria) At first glance, this looks like a horrible plane crash! But it turns out this site was no accident. To honor his wife’s love of travel, Said Jammal built their home in a shape of an airplane.