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Wooden window with slats at Utsav House, architecture by Studio Mumbai, in Maharashtra, India. - Wooden window with slats at Utsav House,.

Pietra d'Avola stone and Bamboo texture

Pietra d'Avola Bamboo: a rich chocolatey limestone, dark, intense and elegant stone which can vary in shade from greyish-brown to almost black.

Den Frie Udstilling — Copenhagen Denmark

museumofallmuseums: Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen, Denmark J.

The renewed habima square

The renewed habima square

Casa Malaparte

affinitaelettive: Adalberto Libera Casa Malaparte “Libera’s Malaparte house is private. It is a house of paradoxes. It is an object which consumes. It is filled with unrequited histories. It is a relic left upon the pinnacle after the seas have subs