Edyta Bednarek

Edyta Bednarek

after a hurricane comes a rainbow
Edyta Bednarek
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Empieza tus mañanas con este delicioso desayuno pan integral + aguacate + huevo ¡Idea rica! #avocatacacias #aguacatehass #consumemashass

"add pink salt, lemon, red pepper flakes in that order, a drop of olive oil in between the avocado and the bread if that's your vibe. i like mestemacher rye bread cause it looks medieval and is really thin and slightly sour. scrambled eggs can accompany.

Sunny Moon - Zadok Ben-David

This is a Sotheby's Selling Exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture displayed in the grounds of Chatsworth House from the September til November

R13 X-Over Jeans

Society today tells young women that in order to be adequate, she must abandon her womanhood and become like a man; Can you see how this is anti-woman?