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two red business cards with the words barnaby horn on them in black and white
The Brand Identity – Graphic Design’s Greatest
Barnaby Horn by Saul Studio — The Brand Identity
two women sitting at a table eating food from a bowl on top of a billboard
Instacart — Wolff Olins
a roll of white paper sitting on top of a table
Museu Nacional
Museu Nacional | PORTO ROCHA
three business cards sitting next to each other on top of a black surface with white writing
Comon — Rebranding
a close up of a label on an orange surface with the word moltt
Mòlt. Bakery
there is a blue box with a white label on it
Брендинг воды «Старо-Мытищинский источник»: дизайн упаковки воды, этикетки, позиционирование
Ребрендинг воды «Старо-Мытищинский источник»
two green business cards with the words restalite in black and white on them
Restalaite - Professional Kitchens
Behance :: Лучшее из Behance
the business cards are designed to look like black and white
RR: Branding
a hand holding up a white card with the word nerd on it in front of a gray background
Айдентика и упаковка компании «3Д мед»
Айдентика и упаковка компании «3Д мед»
the business card is designed to look like it has been placed on a dark surface
Брендинг Edisson
Брендинг Edisson