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To color the whites (after eggs have been boiled and yolks removed):  Fill glass containers about half-full of water, and then add food coloring to each one to get the shades you desire. Adjust the amount of food coloring, depending on the intensity of the color you desire.  Place the egg halves in the water, making sure that the entire surface of each egg is covered. Let the eggs sit at least one hour until you achieve the desired effect. Remove the eggs from the water and place them onto…

After eggs have been boiled & yolks removed, fill glass containers about half-full of water & add food coloring. Place egg halves in water, making sure the entire surface is covered. Let sit at least one hour, place them onto wire rack to dry.

no-fail way to make perfect pie crust!

Homemade pie crust can elevate your next pie or tart to new heights of culinary excellence. Try these no-fail pie crust recipes and instructions to bake your most impressive pie ever. How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust

Crockpot Mexican Lasagna- must try!

make with corn tortillas instead of flour! Crockpot Mexican Lasagna Stack Up Easy Family Dinner from Corey Fresh Meals. We are becoming big believers in the crockpot! And this is another easily gluten free dinner!