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a miniature model of a horse and its surroundings
Miniatures Basics
Add layers of color to dioramas for Breyer horses to achieve a natural look.
a toy horse standing on top of a moss covered ground next to trees and a bath tub
a statue of a horse standing on top of a rock in the middle of a room
Miniatures Basics
Spray the diorama with water and use a thinned base of raw sienna, adding color to shade the rocks for your Breyer horse diorama.
there is a horse and a man riding on a raft in the water next to each other
Perfect use for a horse in an awkward (but realistic) pose. - Model Horse Photography
a model horse and jockey on display in a museum setting with other models behind it
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Braymere Custom Saddlery: More NAN photos
two horses jumping over a small wooden structure
a statue of a woman riding on the back of a horse next to a card
Braymere Custom Saddlery
Braymere Custom Saddlery
a man riding on the back of a brown and white horse
Almost wordless Wednesday
Braymere Custom Saddlery: NAN
a toy horse in a stable with hay on the ground next to it and a red roof
two horses and a foal are standing in front of a fence
HORSE CLUB – It’s all about friendship and a love of riding here | schleich®
a toy horse and rider in front of a play house with two dogs on the ground
Schleich Horse World from who what why
Horse Club Tori & Princess - Fresian Mare - Schleich 42437 NEW in 2018
a toy horse and its rider surrounded by hay, carrots, and other toys
Schleich Horses
Schleich horse play set