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the complete guide to measuring yourself for a dress form, with two hands reaching out
The Complete Guide to Measuring Yourself for a Dress Form
Never measure wrong again: easy to understand guide to measuring yourself for your perfect dress form
a magazine cover with a pink dress on display
The Collector: How to Make Clothes That Fit and Flatter  |  Colette Blog
How to Make Clothes that Fit and Flatter by Adele P. Margolis - this is just a taste of a book available used on Amazon for $41.99
a mannequin with measuring tape around it's waist and the words find your size with your high bust measurement
finding your correct pattern size
sewing instructions for how to use an overcast presser felt with the text,
How to use overcast presser feet for sewing overcasting stitches - Ageberry: helping you succeed in
a woman's lower body is shown with the instructions for how to do it
How to Cut Sleeves: A Step-By-Step Guide (With Pictures)
the instructions for how to make your own sewing pattern with scissors, paper and crochet
FREE eBook: Learn The Basics Of Pattern Cutting So You Can Draft Your Own Sewing Patterns Today
sewing instructions for different types of seams
Different types of seams - a sewing tutorial
the sewing pattern is cut out and ready to be sewn into some other pieces
Start creating your own sewing patterns today with our FREE eBook and online pattern drafting course
a cut out piece of paper sitting on top of a wooden table
How to add a V-neck to Every Pattern