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Ecorocco Products

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Kessa Glove - an indispensable accessory for moroccan hammam cleansing ritual. Goes with Black Soap or Ghassoul Clay.

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Argan Oil - liquid gold from Morocco. Perfect product for glowing skin, nails and hari nourishment.

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Black Soap - handmade 100% black and green olives soap. A classic way to make your skin clean and breathing again. There is no moroccan hammam cleansing ritual without it.

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Arabic Khol - an ancient remedy for tired, dry eyes. Even a small amount applied to an eye will make huge difference: brightens eyes, constricts blood vessels, highlights iris.

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Argan Oil and Honey Cream - protector of dry and mature skin. Strong antiwrinkles attitude combined with amazing healing and soothing skills.

Natural Volcanic Pumice - nothing is better for dry and rough skin of your feet. Plus, it is one time investment, as lasts forever!

Miswak Toothpaste - herbal alternative for teth higiene, contains natural silica from Arrack tree.

Orange Bath Salt - orange oil envigorates your mind and brings relaxation to your body, while salt provides relief for aching joint and muscles.

Miswak - simply a branch from Arrack tree, it is the oldest know form of a toothbrush used in arabic countries for centuries. Contains natural silica that cleans your teeth and mouth inside.

Rose Water - moroccan secret of clean, moist skin. Invincible helper when it comes to beating acne!