Ultra slim shape of the sofa will not overwhelm even the smallest space, at the same time ensuring the utmost comfort of using. LCD is a sofa featuring an innovative folding mechanism. Thanks to it, the sofa is multifunctional and can be used for sitting

Contemporary pouf & fabric & round - ROLLO by Katarzyna Okińczyc - NOTI

LINAR PLUS designed by with a smooth line connected seat with backrest. NEW in 2016

The TUKAN collection is a system of home-style couches and armchairs, which combine modern design with functionality.

Queen - sofy i fotele


Warsaw, Showroom

Warsaw, Showroom

A large family of seats for uses both at home and in the office. The characteristic bucket shape is repeatable in armchairs, chairs and hackers thanks to applying one form of plywood cut out to different dimensions.

Le Monde is modular sofa inspired by the ancient French contemporary benches, versatile in form and suitable for all environments, from cozy to modern ones.

King - sofy i fotele

Inspired by armchairs with wooden legs, so popular in the (especially the armchair model by Józef Chierowski). The Clapp collection has been awarded the Red Dot Product Design 2014 Award.