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orange marmalade in glass jars with spoons on the table next to them
Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade - Lavender and Lovage
Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade - Lavender and Lovage
forsyth syrup with yellow flowers in it and the words forsyth syrup above it are four different images
How to Make Forsythia Syrup: Edible Flowers Recipe
an advertisement for rosemary sage and lavender room spray on a white shelf next to a glass vase
the lemonade is ready to be served in mason jars
Sima: Finnish Fermented Lemonade
two jars filled with food sitting on top of a table next to an egg shell
10 Clever Ways to Reuse Kitchen Scraps
There are so many ways to reuse kitchen scraps to avoid throwing them away! The number one rule in any homestead kitchen should be to use up as much as possible to reduce kitchen waste.
lemons, rosemary and lavender are arranged in a pot with text overlay that reads lavender spring summer pot
Lavender Spring Simmer Pot Recipe
If you are conscious of avoiding unwanted chemicals in your home, but also want a home that smells nice, this lavender spring simmer pot recipe is a great way to make your home smell like spring acting as a natural air freshener.I have become a huge fan of this new springtime recipe. It is a simple way to keep me motivated during my spring cleaning. There is nothing more motivating than spring cleaning with the sweet smell of spring fresh air.
two pictures showing how to make lemon balm and lavender herb tea popsicles
Herbal Tea Popsicles with Lavender and Lemon Balm
a bowl of oatmeal next to an open book with a lemon slice
a pitcher filled with ice and lemons on top of a table next to flowers