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Alexis Taylor named new director of Oregon Department of Agriculture
The Oregon Department of Agriculture has named its new director as Alexis Taylor, who is expected to begin work in January 2017. Congrats! #agribusiness
three trees with text that says did you know gmos saved the hawaiian paya and are
Taking Science to The Street
The March Against Myths about Modification is an activist group who tries to educate people about all of the various benefits of GMOs.
#Agriculturists and #growers, #SuccessfulFarmers shared some advice that can help you spend money wisely when investing in herbicides. Herbicides, Herbicide, Weed Control, Canning, Growers, Successful Farming, Farming, Investing
#Agriculturists and #growers, #SuccessfulFarmers shared some advice that can help you spend money wisely when investing in herbicides.
an info sheet showing the different types of boats in the water and how they are used to
Farmers and aquaponic #growers, watch out for these six mistakes listed below by @DESIMAco. Learn how to reduce the risk of #plant and fish disease outbreaks, keep pests at bay and more.
the world's largest passenger jetliners are shown in this infograph poster
36 Eye-Opening Facts About Water
Take a look at these #interesting #facts about #farm water conservation, shared from @mothernaturenet.
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Methodology - 2015-07-30 - America's Strongest Farming And Agribusiness Regions
@forbesmagazine evaluated and ranked 124 #metropolitan statistical areas where #agriculture-related industries are heavily concentrated, and here is what they found.
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Agribusiness Management
Agribusiness Management by Freddie L. Barnard is a great read for #agribusiness professionals, as it helps prepare managers for a successful career in the world of #food.
what's in season? the university of illinois extension info sheet is shown here
Check out what #produce is in season, shared from the @uiextension.
an info poster showing the different types of food and drinks in each country's cuisine
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@clemsonu shared a fascinating #infographic about how #agriculture #sustains life.
a tractor is pulling hay in the middle of a field with animals grazing on it
How to Obtain Grant Money to Start a Farm
Ever thought of launching an #agribusiness? @Chron has some #tips and #tricks for successful #farming #startups.
watermelon with the words how to grow watermelon
How to Grow Watermelon
These tips from @AleaMilham on how to grow #watermelon is a great way to get some #fresh #summer #fruit on the table.
the health benefits of soil info
Home | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Take a look at UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s #infographic about how healthy #soil produces healthy #crops.
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Lavender Farm Becomes Agritourism Stop - Grit
#Agriculture #enthusiasts, learn how you can turn growing #lavender into a #business.
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Hobby Farms | Livestock, Gardening & Homesteading
#Agriculture enthusiasts, according to, transform your #farm from hobby to #successful #enterprise by following this #plan.
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Design Collaborations for Conservation
Conservation #biologist and professor at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry Dr. James Gibbs collaborates with master #farmers and agricultural #landscape #designers Zachary Wolf and Thomas Woltz for #agricultural production and ecological #conservation via #TheDirt.