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How I Left Home with $4000 and Traveled for 4 Years - Curiosity Travels

Ninja Packing Tips: Packing list for Europe with just a 30L backpack

Ninja Packing Tips: Pack for two weeks in a 30L backpack. This specific trip was to Europe in the fall, which means cold weather clothing. Find out how to minimize your packing, select just the right combination of clothes without bringing items you don't need, and of course, how to choose the perfect shoes to take with you. It's all there, for aspiring light packers who want to see what it really looks like to pack light. You can do it! This will help ;)

Female Travel Packing List: Bras, Backpacks & Big No-Nos

Pack for success with this female travel packing list.

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11 Tips to Make Planning Your Travels a Million Times Easier

The scariest part of anybody’s travel is the planning stage. It can also be the most exciting, but oftentimes just thinking about everything that needs to be done before a trip is the most daunting and overwhelming part. These travel tips make travel planning so easy!

How to Survive Your First Solo Trip

Preparing for your first solo trip? CLICK to read these tips to prepare and enjoy it safely and without getting lonely! | http://passportandplates.com

Things To Do In Marsa Alam

3 days in Tbilisi, Georgia on a budget

It's super easy to visit Tbilisi, Georgia on a budget. Contrary to the idea that it's a post-Soviet wasteland, Tbilisi is actually a lively city with friendly people, cheap food and booze, and super budget accommodations. Read on to find out more reasons Tbilisi is a budget traveler's dream!

Your first time traveling solo: here's how you do it

So you want to travel solo, but you're scared to give it a try? I understand! That's exactly why I wrote this post. Re-pin and click through for my best advice for your first solo trip!

How to Pack Carry-On Only for Cold Weather

Packing carry-on only is possible in cold weather! This post contains packing light tips for cold weather travel and our packing list for Finland.