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a birthday cake made to look like a suitcase with pictures and flags on the lid
Looking for a way to wish your favorite world traveler a happy birthday? This may help.... . . . . #sindesserts #eatwicked #cake…
a cake made to look like books with graduation caps and diplomas sitting on top
Graduation cakes come in all shapes and sizes! Give the gift of a personalized cake for your grad’s big day! This stack of books were…
a cake that is shaped like a suitcase with handcuffs and keys on top, sitting on a table
#tbt To this cake we did for Detective Vargas a few weeks ago! Who’s excited to check out what we’ve got going on this week at the…
a yellow dog cake sitting on top of a blue plate with green circles around it
Adventure Time! . . . . #sinsesserts #eatwicked #jakethedog #adventuretime #cake #fondantcake #groomscake #weddingcake #birthdaycake
a white cake with pink frosting and bunny ears on it's top, sitting on a red table
Hey there, Bunnies! It’s time to start thinking about a centerpiece for your Easter table! This year we are offering this adorable bunny…
there is a cake that has been decorated to look like an aged to perfection sign
This is the perfect cake for the Jack Daniel’s lover in your life. Completely customizable, you can alter it to say whatever you want! We…
a bottle of liquor sitting on top of a table
Starting the day off right! 😂😉🥂. Happy Friday, everyone!! . ?
an open book with two dragon figurines on top
Our dragon cake which is pretty popular in certain circles! #eatwicked #customcake #tiffanyisawesome #riwg
a statue of a chef holding a tray of food
Happy FRY-Day! HAAAAA get it? He’s a chef... holding fries? No? Ok. This crazy chef really know what’s up by serving burgers and fries…
#TBT to this #rolex watch cake!  Yes, that’s a CAKE, people!  This is a delicious alternative to the real thing!  Which would you prefer?!… Alternative, People, Rolex, Watches
#TBT to this #rolex watch cake! Yes, that’s a CAKE, people! This is a delicious alternative to the real thing! Which would you prefer?!…
a hello kitty statue is on top of a cake with the statue of liberty holding an apple
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! We, at Sin, still believe in this.
a birthday cake decorated with flowers and leaves
Our holiday wreath cake is available on chocolate, red velvet or champagne #eatwicked #holidaycake
a small cake with a penguin on it's face and headphones around its neck
This little guy is available for your holiday table! (Order before 12/20) #eatwicked #Penguin #customcake
a box that has some kind of game on it with the words klstime + girls painted on it
Dance, Dance Revolution cake on it's way out the door #sorrybadphoto #eatwicked #sindesserts #dancedancerevolution
a pink and black striped cake with white flowers on the top is adorned with a monogram
A fun, bright bridal shower cake. #bridalshower #sugarflower #eatwicked #sindesserts #nautical