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////nov 11 edit: hey, please look at the date when this deviation was posted before you accuse me of ripping off skelita calaveras//// i named her Bonit.

♦H∀|₹£ℰ¥▪♦▪Qป༐ℕℕ♦ Harleen meets Joker

The patient seduces the doctor: The Joker (in a straightjacket) embraces his clinician at Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzel (the future Harley Quinn).

Flynn Rider is the cleverest Disney character..... Although Patrick Dempsy's character in "Enchanted" did too.

Only Disney Character to question why people are randomly singing (or was it Patrick Dempsey& character Robert Phillip in Enchanted?) Maybe Flynn Rider is the first fully animated Disney character to question it.