Alicja Szewczyk
Alicja Szewczyk
Alicja Szewczyk

Alicja Szewczyk

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Alicja

Vintage Botanical Prints Flowers. Wild Flowers. Yarrow, Thistle, Joe-Pye Weed... I forget what those little purple ones to the right are called.

bear in socks and gloves by ghostpatrol, via Flickr

Uuh! Im loving this one! sophisticated little fox ♡ this is how i always feel when im at some fancy party holding a champagne glass :D

wallacegardens: Turkish woven textile, tulips, late 16th Century, silk and silver lamella. The tulips represent true-to-life depictions of Turkish plants, but with the added abstract emblem-like elements.

La Estampa's building facade on Behance by dani moura

pattern by Minakani for Otto d'Ame #minakani #ottodame #cactus

28 Beautiful Poster Designs

This design has a good balance of simplicity and detail. Its clever with the use of film for the ice cream. The font design is also nice because of the different variations of size. There is a great color scheme going, especially with the film strips being the brightest colors against a more subdued background.

Malika Favre via @pristinaorg

malika favre