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Dzięgło Ventus

Dzięgło Ventus
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Hamtaro by Lighane

I got inspired to draw a more realistic version of Hamtaro. To be honest, I am not quite happy with the result, but wha.

Celeste aka Lady Sapphire by Lighane

So here is Celeste aka Lady Sapphire! Even though she still has the mysterious beauty of a mermaid she's trying to hide it as good as she can. As a human she is 19 years old and attends university in order to study medicine.

I am so happy that I got commissioned to draw this lovely crystal fox cub Diandra! What's your favorite animal? Diandra the Fox Cub

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Let me show you a secret: I am Life and Death, but only few know so . There is so much you can read in a face, so why not exaggerate a bit and . I am Life and Death

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