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Marta Działyńska

Marta Działyńska
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Low Budget and Environmentally Friendly Cottage Construction Designed by BAK…

gorgeous Cottage Home Design - low cost cottage in Argentina located in the resort setting of Mar Azul, on the shore of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed by Argentina’s BAK Architects.

H3 House Luciano Kruk Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Completed in 2015 in Mar Azul, Argentina. Images by Daniela Mac Adden. Mar Azul, a seashore town in Villa Gesell Department, neighboring Mar de las Pampas, had its sand dunes terrain divided into a grid pattern.

Cement-w- domu (3)

Buenos Aires-based studio BAK Architects has designed the Franz House. Completed in this two story contemporary vacation home is located in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Photos by: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla.