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natalia dziadovska

natalia dziadovska
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Studio Verissimo's amazing 'Spoon' chandelier is made from hundreds of recycled coffee stirrers

The Spoon Light by Studio Verissimo is a coffee stirrer chandelier that's sure to please environmentally conscious consumers. The chandelier looks convincingly like crystal or glass, but it's actually made of hundreds of transparent coffee stirrer

Plastic Fantastic? Recycled Jewelry : TreeHugger

Australian artist, Mark Vaarwerk, reuses plastic bags and other throw away domestic plastic containers such as shampoo bottles, to create beautiful jewel-like brooches and rings. Of course this is not going to single handedly solve the worlds plastic

Bracelet | Harriete Estel Berman.  Preprinted steel from recycled tin containers, plastic core.

Harriete Estel Berman, USA: 'Chinese Checker Round Bracelet: Recycled preprinted steel from tin containers, cut with serrated scissors.