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the spanish language poster shows different types of words and phrases in english, spanish, and spanish
Infografía contraste de Pasados: Indefinido VS Imperfecto
Contraste de pasados: imperfecto vs indefinido. #infografía #gramática #pasados #ele #aprendeconmel #español
the words in spanish are arranged on a white sheet with black and white writing, which reads
Pretérito indefinido- Preguntas
a poster with different facial expressions and words in spanish, which are used to describe the language
How are you? / Cómo estás? Poster with adjectives for Bilingual Students, Language Learners (boy)
This visual poster will help students of all ages express their emotions and feelings in Spanish. Use it as a daily routine in the house or in the classroom, with bilingual students, language learners, adult learners and more. This can easily be used in the past tense and/or to spark conversation for intermediate students as well. #spanish #conversation #bilingual #visual #poster #language #mexico #travel #learn #study
an image of spanish words and phrases in the form of circles with stars on them
Cuando eras pequeño | Actividades gramática española. - Liceo Hispánico
the spanish phrase for 30 verbos in different languages
30 verbos importantes en español . Spanish vocabulary.
the spanish language poster with different words and pictures for each word, including an image of a
Erweitere Deinen Spanisch-Wortschatz mit diesen neuen Spanisch-Vokabeln!
the spanish language poster is shown with instructions for different things to do in this country
Blog para aprender español. Spanish blog for Spanish learners
an image of different faces in spanish with the caption that says,'i love you
Pictogramas emociones
an image of a question in spanish with the words classe de conversation
Clases de conversación: El deporte
a white sheet with the words in spanish and an image of a person's face
Clases de conversación: Tu familia
a white sheet with the words classe de conversacion internet
Clases de conversación: Internet