Shake squad Everything seems better when you put a doughnut on top

Chocolate milkshake, drizzled with chocolate sauce, sprinkled with some chocolate cookie crumb and finalla topped off with a snicker bar. That's 4 times chocolate in total.

After a long day at school mom made this Recipe is add chocolate milkshake to a glass and top it with whipped cream, Nutella, crushed biscuit and chocolate of choice


Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar 1500 Como Ave SE Minneapolis 55414 open daily 7 am to 11 pm

Some of the crazy flavours on offer at Flavour Cafe. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

from top to bottom: Pretzel & Butterscotch Milkshake,Chocolate Brownie Milkshake & Salted Caramel w/Popcorn Milkshake all from Flavour Cafe,South Africa


Harry Potter Next Generation Confessions - Teddy and Victoire were both massive chocolate addicts