Beata Duszyńska

Beata Duszyńska

Beata Duszyńska
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Jocelyn Mercier,

Exlibris by Jocelyn Mercier from France for Ch.

Ernst Aufsseser,

Exlibris by Ernst Aufsseser from Germany for E.

Albert Jaern,

Exlibris by Albert Jaern from Norway for Inger og Gunder Swensen - Fauna Nude Couple -

Biene: personalisierter Stempel (EX LIBRIS)                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Biene: personalisierter Stempel (EX LIBRIS). A BOOKPLATE, also known as EX LIBRIS (Latin, "from the books of ."), is usually a small print or decorative label pasted .