Корзинка. Плетение из шпагата. | Забавы от Натальи... Really neat little baskets!!

Плетение из газеты, шпагата

Use yarn scraps to make this adorable Easter craft for kids. Easy and cheap!

Yarn Bunny

The Yarn Bunny is the absolute cutest craft that kids can make to celebrate the joyful holiday. The Easter Bunny will be flattered that you think he is so cute. Easter crafts with kids are great ways to bond surrounding such an important holiday.

30 Lovely Easter Outdoor Decorations

30 Lovely Easter Outdoor Decorations

If you are done decorating your home inside now it is time to start with outdoor decorations.

Twine weaving basket tutorial / Как сплести корзинку из джутового шпагата

Twine weaving basket tutorial / diy - handmade - home decor - cute idea!