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there are many items on the table and one is pink, purple, and white
a stuffed toy duck sitting in the grass next to a suitcase
Что нашла Милка на даче?!? Мой летний день с уточкой Lalafanfan! - YouTube
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden table next to boxes and pens, pencils
a stuffed toy duck holding a tennis racquet and ball in its mouth on a wooden deck
a small toy duck riding a pink bike with flowers in the backgroung
two stuffed animals wearing glasses and sweaters are sitting next to each other on a shelf
a person holding a plate with a sandwich and a stuffed animal in the shape of a chicken
Lalafanfan duck
a yellow stuffed animal with a pink nose and ear tag on it's chest
two stuffed animals are held up in front of a cake column building with umbrellas