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Author Summary We have long known that there are rhythmic oscillations in the mammalian brain. Although the power in these rhythms changes during behavior, their relevance for brain function has been something of a mystery. In this study, the particular role of rhythms in human motor cortex was studied both during rest and during engagement in different finger movements. Arrays of electrocorticographic electrodes were placed directly on frontal, temporal, and parietal brain surfaces to…

Penn’s Restoring Active Memory Project Releases Extensive Human Brain Dataset | Penn News bic files bic cross_frequency_coupling_soheilasamiee.pdf

A biologically plausible mechanism for neuronal coding organized by the phase of alpha oscillations - Gips - 2016 - European Journal of Neuroscience - Wiley Online Library bic files bic cross_frequency_coupling_soheilasamiee.pdf

A library of human electrocorticographic data and analyses | Stanford Digital Repository

brainpipe.feat.coupling.cfc — brainpipe 0.0.25 documentation

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