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a baby's birth card with an image of two babies
an open scrapbook with pictures of people on it
a baby is laying down on top of a pink and white photo frame with flowers
Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer -
a scrapbook page with three photos of people holding their babies
Daddy's First Hello
two babies are sitting next to each other in front of an ornate frame with dragonflies on it
JackieJo's Projects
a baby's room with a wall decal that says, now i lay me down to sleep
a baby shower photo frame with two pictures on it
Baby Shower
Baby Shower Scrapbook Layouts | Baby Shower
a baby is laying down in a blue and white frame with the word baby on it
Kerry's Kaszazz Korner
the baby shower book is open and ready to be filled with notes, cards, and other items
baby book--Baby Shower
Layout: baby book--Baby Shower
a blue and white welcome card with the words,'welcome baby boy we've been waiting for you to see all the wonderful things you'll do
Nursery Posters | Zazzle
Nursery Quote Poster - Baby Boy |