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Click to open all the way, side by side of Tom and Chris Evans doing the same scene. gifs // this is amazing!!!

(gif) - Tom Hiddleston, impersonating Chris Evans, as Loki, pretending to be Captain America

(gif) Please note: Sif in the background. Her face is priceless.  OOF!  I felt that one...

(gif) Please note: Sif in the background. Her face is priceless. Apparently, one does not simply punch Loki. Unless you are Jane Foster.>> Sif: I might like her!««« lol loved<><><>Finally someone mentions Sif's face!

Loki and Thor being goofs. *gif*

TTDW Loki and Thor being goofs. *gif* // Loki doing YMCA with Thor -- this mental image will never leave Chris hemsrworth Tom hiddleston

OMGoodness!!!!!! Someone please call 911... My heart's missing!!!

Tom hiddleston at comic con = best thing ever.

Kaneki and Touka

Kanetorogu by wind chimes Permission to repost given by artist.

I watched this way too many times

Awesome GIF of the unedited Hulk-smashed Thor scene. I cried I laughed so hard!

Avengers comic to movie gif

The Avengers & Marvel gif

This is why Edna Mode said "No Capes!"

Thor: The Dark World gag reel (gif) - NO CAPES! <-- I understood that reference

I dare you to watch this and not smile! I'm serious you can't you have to smile because its Chris Hemsworth and he's adorable. @bazax12 this is too adorable!!

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in Gag Reel (gif) Thor:

Loki and Thor

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