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2nd grade ccss math standards

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FREE! ~Grade 1/2 Common Core Place Value~ The perfect half-sheet for morning work, warm-ups, progress monitoring or notebooking! This version is appropriate for 1st or 2nd grade. The only 2nd grade standard included is "odd or even?".
Number of the day freebie...go to the bottom of the post for the freebie, click on the second choice to get to the google docs document

number of the day

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Bright Concepts 4 Teachers: Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies: What's the Value? FREEBIE
Place Value Foldable...one of WEEKS worth of differentiated guided math rotations for place value!! $4.00
Using our math folders every day to work with numbers!

representing a number

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Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: A little of this, and a little of that :)
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: A little of this, and a little of that :)
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: "Guess My Number." Think of a number in your head, & kids ask questions. T marks off #'s as they ask questions ( laminate it so T can just use an Expo!). Kids LOVE this game! Can pretty much make their day when T puts it in the math station so they could play with a partner.

guess my number

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Math Coach's Corner: 2nd Grade  FREE
2.NBT.5 Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

double digit addition

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FREE add the domino dots, then sort them by sums onto odd and even snow globes. Common Core-aligned.
Doubles Facts
Doubles poster for use with math strategy doubles and near doubles

basic facts

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FREE!  In this worksheet students apply their place value skills to adding. Use this worksheet as classwork or homework as a way to have students show their understanding of using base-ten blocks when adding 3 digit numbers without regrouping. The worksheet includes a model as well as independent practice. Finally, there is a mixed review on rounding numbers to conclude the worksheet
Singapore Math model drawing--subtraction

3 digit addition

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Classifying shapes by their attributes and working  with quadrilaterals.
Polygons vs. Non~Polygons... students can sort each shape by number of sides and put non-polygons in its own category


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Classroom Freebies: Math Posters: Odd and Even Numbers
Math Workshop Adventures: Anchor Charts!!!
Math Posters

odd and even

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Things That Come in Halves and Quarters: The Real World Connection (Blog Post) Fractions are REALLY important concepts that must be connected to student’s lives.
Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade


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Activities: The Place Value Game
Place value game using playing cards. Ask students to draw 2 or 3 cards and then ask them to make a number with the least or greatest value.
Common Core Place Value Math Game- FREE math game for grades 2-5.  Common Core aligned, with differentiation ideas and higher order thinking questions.

place value hundreds, tens, ones

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2.NBT.3 Place value, expanded form, and word form....
"First Grade Fanatics: Place Value" I think I'd color the 3 digits that end up being in Standard Form, the same color.
Roll Em: Expanded Form Dice Game

expanded form

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Concrete way to represent the value of money.  The First Grade Parade: Favorite Pins Friday!


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Greater than and less than foldable- use with blank squares and words not symbols- use manipulatives  to change problem. #handsonmath
Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Anchor Chart
Math Coach's Corner: What Comes Between? The task is to decide which number can go in place of the ?, and the strategy is to put the numbers in order, creating a number line.  You can easily adapt this activity for smaller or larger numbers.

comparing numbers

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Place Value math stations that are ready to print and use right away & a lot of other math stations!
The second grade blog has some nice, free printables.
Math center idea for tens and ones. I use foam dice so they don't make any noise. Student rolls 2 dice. The 1st number is for the tens place and the 2nd one is for the ones place. If they roll a 6 and 4 they write down 64 and then they draw the picture. You can add more dice for larger numbers.

place value tens and ones

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skip counting Math Activities
another counting by 10 activity
chicka chicka boom boom - skip counting  cards to 100 - FREE printable!

skip counting stick

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could be a "hands-on" activity...rebuilding the 100s chart.
All the numbers between 1 and 200 are featured on one page in this free, printable chart. Teachers can use it as a reference tool when helping children count. Free to download and print
FREE! Now you can go beyond the 100 chart. 1-120

hundred grids

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Meet Perry the Place Value Robot! Great anchor chart for teaching word for and expanded form. Links to a great blog post with lots of resources!
Free posters with visuals for Place value   Please follow me if you like my work! Also check out my Place Value packet and activities!
place value anchor chart

place value anchor chart

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Multiplication Arrays - Such a clever way for the students to MAKE the array for themselves they really start to understand this concept.
Array unit to build multiplication skills! Soaring Through Second
How to Teach Arrays - a lot of great ideas for arrays and repeated addition - small groups activities, centers, worksheets etc.


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Array matching.  Could easily use for multiplication.

equal addends

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Free: 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less small group activity
PRINTABLE - Activity for practicing number value
Greater than less than using 100 chart

10 or 100 more or less

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Subtracting Across Zeros anchor chart (image only)

3 digit subtraction

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Break Those Numbers Apart! (Blog Post) Why I traded in place value blocks for unifix cubes.  Help students understand that tens (or hundreds) can break apart and be regrouped to subtract.
Concrete way to explore subtraction and open number lines

2 digit subtraction

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