Drewniany konik na biegunach Palomino

Plan Toys Large Scale Palomino and other furniture & decor products.

Drewniana układanka Zagroda

Take out the puzzles pieces and try to put them back in the base to fit just like a jigsaw or use them as blocks and build your own scene. It could be a farm but let your imagination fly.

Zestaw ogrodnika - zabawka edukacyjn

Plan Toys have been making beautiful quality, eco friendly toys. This plan toys flower set allows kids to make a seed blossom into a beautiful wooden flower!

Mebelki dla lalek Jadalnia Neo

Plan Toys Doll House Dining Room – Neo Style Overview 3 years & up. A dining room set specially designed in bright colors for extra fun. Set includes table, four chairs, and hutch.

Domek dla lalek z mebelkami

Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse + Furniture Made up of two unites which can be arranged in various patterns. It features a huge skylight and one movable staircase. Furniture is included.

Mała pętla motoryczna gwiazdka

Mała pętla motoryczna gwiazdka

Drewniana grzechotka Biedronka

Drewniana grzechotka Biedronka