Magdalena Nitczyńska Nocula
Magdalena Nitczyńska Nocula
Magdalena Nitczyńska Nocula

Magdalena Nitczyńska Nocula

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Northern Saw-Whet Owl Able to induce vomiting in predators through sheer cuteness and adorability.

Owly Molly Cuties!! #Owl #BirdsofPrey #BirdofPrey #Bird of Prey

A nice perched Northern Hawk-Owl (Surnia ulula),

Ospreys, Osprey Pictures, Osprey Facts

Osprey -- Ospreys are superb fishers and indeed eat little else—fish make up some 99 percent of their diet.

When osprey fish, they soar above the water until they spot their prey. Then they dive talons-first into the water, often submerging themselves completely. After making a catch, osprey will adjust their grasp on the fish so that it faces forward. This aligns the fish with their direction of movement to make flying away more efficient. Images: Michael Wulf, Txema Garcia

Baby Owl It's eyes look like built in glasses!

Macheiramphus alcinus - Szukaj w Google

Did a project on these in elementary school! They're so cute. Saw-Whet Owl (Photo by Megan Lorenz)

Peregrine Falcon - fastest diving bird. Tucked into a dive that will last seconds due to its great height and reach around 389 km/h.