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Kraken Dragoński

Żeglarstwo, kursy żeglarskie
Kraken Dragoński
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Vintage Kodak Ad - 1912

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(8) “So simple it can easily [be] operated by any school boy or girl," Brownie ads claimed. The Brownie was often marketed toward children, further emphasizing its simplicity and ease of use. Kodak offered a free organization called the Brownie Camera Club for people under 16 that rewarded prizes for the best photos. In this way, Kodak Brownies encouraged children to use photography as a platform to tell their story and express themselves. Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle, Image…

1908 "Youth's Companion" "Let the Children Kodak. There is pleasure and instruction, there's education in taking the pictures, there's a constantly growing charm in the pictures themselves.

Hasselblad / TWWHLSPLS

The first consumer Hasselblad - revolutionary! Makes me proud to be Swedish! Too bad that so much of Sweden's consumer product companies have been sold off overseas. I hope there will be a renaissance some day!