Dragon Wercesait

Dragon Wercesait

Dragon Wercesait
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Model: EA01 Areon Type: Battle Cruiser Manufacturer: Gigsan Technologies Armaments: 1 Experimental Plasma based Rail gun 8 High-Density 'Fire Spirit' energy-based turrets 65 Razor Medium Turrets 12...

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Balor - empire frigate by KypcaHT on deviantART

Concept art for Star Conflict mmo. [link] My other work for the star conflict - [link] Balor - empire frigate

Halo 4 - Infinity spaceship concepts.Microsoft - 343 Industries.

concept of the UNSC infinity from halo the image shows all of the details of the ship and shows off all ints different angles and edges.

409e2defe1470d4089fcd84d3f6887f6.jpg 231×1,232 pixels

This is a digitally rendered (in the style of watercolour) concept drawing of the UNSC Infinity from Halo The thing that I like about this piece is how the designer was able to use opacity and pressure to give a worn metal and metallic effect to the ship

APC concept [] by Dmitry Popov. Collaboration with Dmitry Volkov

APC concept for "Inversion" game project SAI. this concept created in collaboration with Dmitry Volkov (draft design) (c) Bandai-Namko/Saber Interactive

Systems Alliance Starship Size Comparison by Euderion on DeviantArt

In the last weeks and month i have built alot of ships for the Extended Mass Effect Universe. In last time alot for the Systems Alliance, because ingame we only see two ships of them, the Cruiser a.