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Build your own 4-channel logic analyzer

If you’re just getting into hobby electronics chances are there are lots of tools you’d like to get you hands on but can’t yet justify the purchases. Why not build some of the sim…

The Shrimp, a board that replicates the Arduino Uno for 1/5 the price! Also more powerful.

The Shrimp - A much cheaper alternative to the Arduin

Wrench Caddy

Wrench Caddy Organize your wrenches in your toolbox by stringing them onto a large, bright colored carabiner (find them at camping and discount stores). It will keep your wrenches together and make them portable and easy to spot.

Arduino door lock with password

In this project I mede an door lock (or box lock) that opens when you enter your password and press " The servo turns back to the position it was in.

What’s the password? Arduino + Keypad

Here is my circuit design for Arduino keypad, using only 1 analog pin (instead of 7 serial pins), 6 resistors (can be reduced to and 1 capacitor: And now for the full story: I decided it’s time …