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a dog laying on top of a wooden table next to a photo of a mountain
A good DM can take inspiration from just about any situation. - iFunny
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Can't wait to say: "May I cut in?" (my players are not on Reddit, don't worry)
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The heart of the forest
an image of a cave with the caption game hook 506
Legendary cave.
an email message from dandy beyond that reads, dm as you enter the fewdld, a little satay stands before you with a check - list
Welcome to Feywild
Knight of Sorrows
Knight of Sorrows
an image of some cartoon characters in different stages of being able to use the same language
What we thought how the raid will turn out: we've been waiting in front of the fence for 12 hours now - iFunny
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Why do Goblins have to eat trash? Why can't goblin cuisine simply have a strong emphasis on fermentation and controlled spoilage? Like fermentation stinks to high heaven and you typically hide it away in dark and cool places. It fits lore wise for a creature that lives in a cave and is described as unclean. Anyway this has been food for thought concept: a setting where every race has a different preferred method of food preservation and each of them is pretty sure that everyone else is ruining their food goblinoids are masters of fermented foods, elves make exquisite sundried fruits and jerkies, dwarf cities have enchanted walk-in freezers hewn from living stone, gnomes can pickle anything, orcish smokehouses are legendary. humans and halflings don't have their own signature food preservation methods, but are notable for being willing to eat everyone - iFunny