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four bookmarks sitting on top of an open book with metal clips attached to them
Handmade Ceramic Quilt Bookmarks
Handmade Ceramic Quilt Bookmarks | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there are many different colored pencils on the table
How to Make Polymer Clay Covered Pens.
Easy tutorial to make polymer clay (FIMO) covered pens. Mom and I used to make these when I was in grade school. They were fun!
an advertisement for bead clay necklaces on a blue table with other beads and accessories
30 Gifts Kids Can Make
Any mom, grandmother or auntie would be psyched to get this homemade, boho polymer clay necklace as a holiday gift! #ParentsMagazine #ParentsGifts
a spoon sitting next to a cup on top of a white table with a blue handle
Peacock mug | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
several colorful beads are arranged on a table
Easy Winter Snowcrafts for Kids
Rainy days don't have to be boring days. If you find yourself looking out the window to a day full of rain try any of these great Rainy-Day Crafts with the Kids!
a black bear figurine sitting on top of a white surface
black bear figurine polymer clay animal miniature bear miniature small
black bear figurine polymer clay
a red cup with black and white hearts painted on it, next to a toothbrush holder
Valentine's Day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
two owls sitting on a tree branch in a coffee cup with hearts attached to it
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Люблю розовые птицы - мини милые птицы - на заказ кружки - кружки персонализированные - симпатичные кружки - кружка керамическая - летний подарок - кружки ручной работы
two mugs with hearts painted on them and one has an owl sitting on the branch
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polymer clay
an orange fox keychain is shown on top of a book and the bottom one has a chain attached to it
a large storage container filled with lots of plastic containers
How to Store Polymer Clay
The secret art behind any craft is organization. This lesson demonstrates how to organize and safely store polymer clays. Don’t forget to test your plastics!
four different types of hair clips in various shapes and sizes, with the words creation my way written on them
Fimo legs mark the spot!
an orange fox keychain is shown on top of a book and the bottom one has a chain attached to it