Dorota Ratajska

Dorota Ratajska

Dorota Ratajska
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House in Pribylovo by Chovya

A large window is set at the apex of the steeply inclined roof of this house by Chvoya in western Russia to offer its residents views out across a bay.

Deep Mortar Joint Brick Wash (Slurry, Sack, Lime, White???)-sample.png

I have a client who's looking to achieve a brick wash. We've suggested a colored cement wash and a white wash so far but the customer once a mix the two. The top is the cement wash with Argos cement

IMG_0930.jpg (1600×1600)

It's called mortared brick washing or Slurried Brick. The colored mortar is sponged over existing brick to give "old" feel and texture to brick. No repainting needed and so charming.