brown and dark blue, chocolate, color of milk chocolate, dark blue and brown…

Blush and berry for the knitted throw across the gray comforter

Ash-pink, transient shades of gray in combination with dark brown create a very harmonious symbiosis. In the decor of a bedroom you can use shades of gray as a leading color, select lighter shades for

NICOLL BLUE by PatternCurator

A breath of color & pattern from Pattern Curator.

Color Palette Option 2 - I like how vivid and deep the purples and turquoises…

This is a very vivid and deep purples and turquoises palette. They all combine to give you a bright, yet calming room.

stonowana jesień baza kolorów

Soft Autumn by Ubierajsięklasycznie.

Curve & Flare Dress Boden

Buy the Curve & Flare Dress now for a fitted bodice, full skirt and three-quarter-length sleeves, three really is a magic number. Our fit-and-flare dress is ultra-flattering in textured jacquard fabric.


Suitable for all color types - chocolate


Greys - graphite for muted Summer


Milk - suitable for delicate spring, mild summer, a real summer, summer toned, toned autumn. Perhaps for the real spring.


Taupe - suitable for a real summer, toned summer, autumn soft, intense fall. Perhaps for intensive winter.


Khaki - suitable for a true summer, soft summer, soft autumn, the true autumn, dark autumn. Perhaps for dark winter.


Champagne - suitable for autumn soft, subdued years, a real summer, gentle summer, gentle spring. Perhaps the real fall.


mocca być może dla stonowanego lata, czy to nie jest taupe?


Bottle - suitable for real winter, winter intense, intense fall, the real fall, the real summer. Perhaps for pure winter.


Cyna - jaki piękny, lubię (nie na włosach)


Grey for dark winter.