Teardrop Soap Technique - Video Timeline in Description - Homemade Soap - Great Cakes Challenge - YouTube

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Teardrop Soap Technique - Homemade Soap - Great Cakes Challenge

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Jasmine Koronka zimno Proces Mydło Tutorial na Soap królowej

Decking out soap tops: texturing, sprinkling, smashing, piping, lifting, moving, and all kinds of manipulative maneuvers can top it off!

Forma, foremka silikonowa prostokąt Ecoflores


naturalne prezenty dla mężczyzny

Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruits. It’s refreshing, light and delicious! With watermelon coming into season, I was inspired to create this fruity soap (of course!). The natural green, white and pink layers of watermelon are surprisingly simple to recreate with thick soap batter. This recipe is formulated with mango butter, coconut oil and …

Mydła potasowe w terapii chorób przewlekłych | zielonamedycyna

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