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carryonmy-assbutt:  if anyone asks me what the fandom side of tumblr is, I’ll show them this picture

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you fandoms, summed up in one post.<< Is that Stonehenge

The Sherlock fandom is taking over the internet. Along with the supernatural fandom and the doctor who fandom

So the fandom is actually so smart we can't function in a normal society? So many things explained.// I normally hate math but this just made me really happy. <---- We're awesome.

doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, tumblr, superwholock

How to handle a breakup: SuperWhoLock style I feel like Sherlock would be the sassy gay friend along with John, Sam is being all comforting, deans killing the guy, and the doctor is just nice.

SuperWhoLock Fangirls Favourite Things poem - Supernatural Doctor Who Sherlock Holmes BBC

My Favorite Things Fangirl Edition - Doctor Who, Sherlock, and. I have no clue <--- probably supernatural.

I like my men like I like my tea: Hot and British. But I'm pretty sure if you drank tea that hot, you'd be hospitalized.

Definitely how it should've gone down.

Not Dead <-- thanks for getting rid of the mournstache Sherlock we've all been asking john to shave it anyway<----- Guys, he's already told us that he'll shave it on his own time; after all, he doesn't shave for Sherlock Holmes.


Oh my god, i laughed so hard! In the first panel, though, i think Sherlock is standing by a wall that says Bad Wolf!